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M8: RAH-Compact Programmes

M8: RAH-Compact Programmes

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Modul M8 für Rayocomp PS 10

For all those who are not yet familiar with Bioresonance according to Paul Schmidt, module M8...more

For all those who are not yet familiar with Bioresonance according to Paul Schmidt, module M8 is the perfect introduction. In combination with a Rayocomp PS 10, it becomes very easy to use so-called Compact programs, which are compilations of RAH programs that have been tried and tested worldwide over decades. Since Bioresonance according to Paul Schmidt is used extremely successfully in both human and veterinary medicine in over 45 countries around the world, the M8 module contains the most important Compact programs from both fields. This way, beginners can not only use Bioresonance according to Paul Schmidt on themselves, but also on their animals. A total of 63 Compact programs are available for human medici- ne and for veterinary medicine (horse, dog and cat) there are a total of 103 Compact programs.

The application is extremely simple. After you have switched on the Rayo- comp PS 10 and plugged in the detector, select the Compact program you want with the IF1 key confirm with OK button and press Start! Then lie down or place the animal on the surface detector and let yourself be harmonised for the duration of the Compact program.

The M8 module thus provides a total of 166 frequently used Compact pro- grams from the human and veterinary fields. If, like many users worldwide, you then want to go deeper into bioresonance according to Paul Schmidt, you can upgrade to the M9 (harmonisation of all RAH Human programs), the M10 (testing and harmonisation of all RAH Human programs) or the M11 (testing and harmonisation of all RAH Veterinary programs), depending on the desired application. The costs you have already paid for the M8 will be taken into account for the upgrades.

If you already own a Rayocomp PS 10 and have so far “only” been working with the fundamental frequency values, the M8 module is also the perfect introduction to the professional world of the RAH (Rayonex Analysis and Harmonisation System).

The M8 module is available for the Rayocomp PS 10 from program version 65. Each Rayocomp PS 10 can be updated to the new program version 65 free of charge.

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