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Rayoscan-Pads, Blue Sensor, Typ VL-00-S

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Rayoscan Pads :

The Rayoscan serves to assess heart signals under the influence of frequencies emitted by the...more

The Rayoscan serves to assess heart signals under the influence of frequencies emitted by the Rayocomp PS 1000 polar. The Rayoscan pads serve as an interface between the patient and the measuring electronics of the Rayoscan.  For this purpose, the Rayoscan pads are adhered onto the upper body of the patient.  Since the Rayoscan is used for a four-lead connection, four Rayoscan pads are required per measurement.  Please bear in mind that Rayoscan pads are intended for single use only.  

The arrangement order of the Rayoscan pads is very easy to remember, being identical to that of the colours of a traffic light.  From the patient's perspective, the first Rayoscan pad (1)  goes on the left - just above the belly button - and is connected to the green electrode cable.  The one above is yellow (2), followed by red (3). To avoid confusion, the last Rayoscan pad (4) is then connected with the black electrode cable (see manual).

Important: Rayoscan pads are the only kind that may be used in conjunction with the Rayoscan, because extensive tests have shown that only these meet the requirements of bioresonance according to Paul Schmidt and optimally pick up heart signals. Indeed, Rayoscan pads do not only detect cardiac signals. Using a special technology, the Rayoscan Pads also transfer the frequency patterns of the bioresonance device to the patient's body, thus supporting the detectors. 

We aim to make the pack of 1000 Rayoscan pads (for 250 patients), Article Nº 35931 as cost-effective as possible. Should you find a 1000 pack online at a lower cost under the same conditions of sale (e.g., free shipping), please let us know.  Thank you in advance. 

Rayoscan pads are supplied in light- and moisture-proof packs of 25.  

Further information can be found under the following product headings: Rayoscan pads, Blue Sensor, Type VL-00-S, 1000 pcs. (Article 35931), Rayoscan (Article 30094), 

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