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Protective Detector


Protective Detector


The protection detector offers safety while testing and harmonising substances. Previously,...more
Product information "Protective Detector"

The protection detector offers safety while testing and harmonising substances. Previously, when testing and harmonising, we could never be sure, whether the oscillation pattern of the person attached to the bio-resonance device would influence the tested substance or not. Experienced therapists are well aware of the sensitivity of substances, particularly those with a high exponent. Now this is a problem of the past, thanks to the new protection detector in combination with the new protection cup. This new, patent pending method allows the oscillation patterns of the substance to be passed on to the circle, however it prevents transfer from there back to the substance. This guarantees that the substances are absolutely unchanged in any way after testing and transfer. For testing substances from the test sets, the tester picks up the protection detector and guides the dished head of the detector towards the ampoule containing the substance. The new protection detector allows the oscillation pattern of the test substance to enter the measuring circle, but prevents oscillation coming from the bio-resonance device or the patient from influencing the substance itself. The substance remains completely unchanged, which is essential for the correct testing of further patients.

The protection detector is equipped with a connection cable of 1.5 m length.

"Protective Detector"
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