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Testset for Rayonex Nutritional Products

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In the field of alternative medicine it is common to test patients for the effects of each...more

In the field of alternative medicine it is common to test patients for the effects of each dietary supplement and cosmetic product individually. Varius options for testing are available, for example, oscillation medicine.

The subsequent information will introduce the test options that are available in the Rayonex analysis and harmonisation system (RAH) using the holistic dietary supplement range from Rayonex Biomedical GmbH.

To achieve optimal test results, the products to be tested should be filled into a glass container. For this reason, the dietary supplements from Rayonex Biomedical GmbH are available as test ampoules specifically designed for this type of astral testing.

From the perspective of oscillation medicine, a dietary supplement / cosmetic product is always considered helpful if it is rapidly able to harmonise the body‘s disturbed oscillation fields.

We focus on dietary supplements that are able to re-balance the body‘s milieu. The prerequisites for a balanced body environment are:
- an undamaged connective tissue, free of harmful substances: heavy metals, drugs, pesticides, nicotine, chemical additives in food, undesirable metabolic products, toxins 
- a balanced acid-base balance 
- a stable intestinal flora

Rayo®-Pure Holistic food supplement with plant extracts, algae, alpha lipoic acid, MSM and glutathione.
Rayobase® and Rayovita® Holistic food supplements for balance in the acid-base processes. Rayobase® and Rayovita® contain the trace element zinc. Zinc contributes to a normal acid-base metabolism.
Rayoflora® A holistic dietary supplement containing a balanced combination of microbial cultures.
Rayosole®plus A holistic bath additive supporting the excretion of natural metabolites through the skin.

What makes these so special?
With the help of Bioresonance according to Paul Schmidt, Rayobase®, Rayovita®, Rayoflora® and Rayosole® plus were all developed in accordance with the principles of energetics. Even if orthodox medicine has yet to recognise this approach, we not only assess the material attributes of our dietary supplements and cosmetics, but also their energetic / astral characteristics. We use Bioresonance according to Paul Schmidt to determine the oscillation patterns of the individual raw materials and to match these to one another.

Bioresonance according to Paul Schmidt assumes that frequencies can be used to stimulate the body‘s self-regulation. Just as sunlight, a frequency spectrum, is capable of stimulating our body to produce, for example, vitamin D or pigments, our experience leads us to believe that there many other frequencies with their respective areas of regulation.

"Testset for Rayonex Nutritional Products"

Info: Information on how to use vital substance products, basic recipes, recommended reading and a lot more is available in the Vertriebspartner-Schulungsportal (Sales Partner Training Portal) of Paul Schmidt Academy.

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