Upgrade RAH Rayocomp PS 10

Upgrade RAH Rayocomp PS 10

The development of the Rayonex Analysis and Harmonization (RAH) system was also a major milestone for the Rayocomp PS 10. In the past, two RAH modules for the Rayocomp PS 10 were in the market: module M8 and module M9. The new analytical functions described above added the new module M10 to the RAH’s modular concept of the Rayocomp PS 10. Depending on the application or as needed, an own RAH module is now available. Following is a detailed description of the three modules:

The M8 module

This module is the module for beginners in the world of RAH. Totally 191 RAH programs are available for this module. These include all higher-level programs, e.g. 04.00 Electrosmog in general or 31.10 ATP programs in general or also 52.00 Locomotor system in general. Besides, important pathological frequency patterns were integrated as programs, e.g., 43.13 Bronchitis or 47.20 Gastritis. The program in the M8 module can be tested and are also available for harmonization. The functions of the new RAH „Green Card“ (see information further down in this booklet) cannot be used with the M8 module. The M8 module also has no automatic test proposal feature. The purpose of this module is to make the general programs of the RAH usable in a simple and low-cost way.

The M9 module

The M9 module suppports access to all 1766 programs of the RAH, in particular, for harmonization. This makes the module ideal for using RAH programs in the surgery or at home for harmonization. Harmonization times can be stored for every program and are harmonized automatically.

The M10 module

The M10 module is the most advanced module in the Rayocomp PS 10; it provides extensive test functions in addition to those in the M9 module. The absolutely unique feature: In the M10 module, all RAH program numbers required for test are provided for the test protocols at the press of a button. There is no need for typing in the program numbers; they are available for the test simply by pressing a button. The test results can be used for harmonization and can be stored on the RAH „Green Card“. The M10 module also supports the level test known from the Rayocomp PS 1000 polar. If a higher-level RAH program is selected, the associated RAH sublevel programs can be selected and tested at the control knob of the rayotensor.

If you already own an RAH module in the Rayocomp PS 10, you can upgrade to higher modules, e.g., from the M9 module to the M10 module.

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